Wm. Penn Fire Company

In April 2003, I was graduating High school, and our 2003 Pierce Contender was being built in Bradenton, Fl. We were replacing a piece of apparatus that was 30 years old. My parents and I were going to be traveling to Florida from Pennsylvania for a family vacation. My father, a former firefighter, and Police officer for 30+ years, was interested in possibly seeing, and obtaining a view of our Engine in production.

I contacted Ralph Rehrig at Glick Fire Equipment to possibly scheduling an visit in Bradenton. Ralph said we would be able to view the facility and apparatus. Prior to arriving at the facility we were assuming a glimpse through some windows and a viewing area to see what was being done.

Upon our visit to the plant, my family and I were shocked and amazed on how much your Bradenton plant made us feel like a member of your family. We had an awesome tour of the shop, facility, and of course our apparatus. We were learned so much in great detail from the production line to the final line. My father and I were the first ones in our department to view the apparatus in production and in general. We were replacing a piece of apparatus that was 30 years old. It is great to feel like a member of the Pierce family. Any piece of apparatus made in your facility is spectacular.