The new Striker®

When the heat of battle strikes the runway, rely on rapid response. Fighting fire is responsibility enough. Add in flight schedules, a packed runway and the aircraft itself, you're dealing with support in the extreme. Fight back with Oshkosh ARFF vehicles.

Striker® 8×8

Charging from 80 km/h within 35 seconds, the Oshkosh Striker® 8×8 is custom engineered to offer the ultimate in rapid emergency response. The styling tells you immediately this ARFF truck is built to answer the call.



Striker® 4X4

The ultimate attack force, for the ultimate threats. The Striker® equips runway teams all over the world with unmatched chassis performance, intelligent design and 24/7 support.


Striker® 6X6

The Striker® lets you lead like never before. Greater fire suppression, control, safety and versatility maximize your response like no other truck can.