02Mar 17


Oshkosh Corporation hosts the 16th IAFPA Aircraft Rescue and Fire-fighting Conference (2016)


November 15, 2016 – Shanghai, China. The world’s leading manufacturer of special vehicles and aerial work equipment, United States-based Oshkosh Corporation, successfully hosted the 2016 IAFPA ARFF Conference. This conference gathered renowned ARFF and aviation experts who shared best practices in airport emergency response, simulation training systems and other challenges they face.

The IAFPA conference was held in Shanghai, China and for the first time, it was jointly organized with the China Civil Aviation Fire Protection Committee (CAPFA). It was attended by major airports like Beijing Capital Airport, Shanghai Pudong and Hongqiao Airport, Singapore Changi Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Xinjiang Airport Group, Chongqing Jiangbei Airport, Xi’an Xianyang Airport, Australia Airport, New Zealand Airport, Dallas Fort Worth Airport Airport as well more than 30 domestic (China), Asia-Pacific and other major international airports.

This gathering created a platform for ARFF expert and industry participants around the world to address the rapidly changing aviation landscape and the challenges posed by large-scale airport developments by sharing best practice models and strategy development. The industry experts and leaders who participated ranged from IAFPA Chairman Mr. Cletus Packiam, China Civil Aviation Fire Protection Committee chairman Mr. Lin Yanqun, Dallas Fort Worth Airport Fire Chief Mr. Brian McKinney, School of Airport Emergency Service Commandant Mr. Leow Eng Hock, former San Francisco International Airport’s Fire Chief Mr. Dale Carnes. They delivered topics which ranged from airport emergency rescue training systems and rescue plans, simulation training and an airline incident case study. Mr. Jason Shively, Engineering Director of Oshkosh Corporation’s Airport Products Group, also shared his views on next-generation airport rescue firefighting technology and showcased Oshkosh’s recent R&D achievements and innovations.

At the same time, Oshkosh presented their latest ARFF Simulator, which provides a realistic vehicle operation experience that simulates scenarios that cannot be safely replicated at traditional training centers – such as like fuel spills and passengers exiting from an aircraft. This is just part of the endless arrays of training scenarios the simulator can depict. All this is done in a simulated environment that is safe for firefighters to train, and has zero environmental impact.

On Day 2 of the conference, IAFPA and CAFPA signed a Memorandum of Understanding to enhance the cooperation and jointly promote the development of fire protection and emergency rescue in China’s airports.

“The Summit brings together experts from around the world in the field of civil aviation systems, which is a unique opportunity to enhance the communication between China, Asia and the world’s civil aviation industry,” said Mr. Jim Johnson, Executive Vice President of Oshkosh Corporation and President of the Fire & Emergency Division.

The ARFF landscape is continuously changing, and risks and threats are difficult to predict – and Oshkosh has to continuously adapt and evolve in order to enable fire and emergency departments around the world to respond to such threats. Just as IAFPA and CAFPC aim to make airports in China, Asia Pacific and the rest of the world safer, Oshkosh will also lead this front by utilizing cutting-edge technology to create the most reliable fire protection vehicles, provide reliable after-sales service worldwide and training that can prepare airport firefighters for today’s and tomorrow’s threats.