The new Striker®

The anticipation is growing as the first new generation Oshkosh Striker® for Redmond Fire and Rescue in Redmond, Oregon hits the production line. The vehicle will be placed into service later this fall at Roberts Field, Redmond Municipal Airport (RDM). In the meantime, you are invited to follow the build progress as the vehicle takes shape.

The Chassis

The base chassis offers a great view of the TAK-4 independent suspension with dual control arms and 16 inches (41 cm) of wheel travel that dramatically improves off-road mobility. Note that color-coded air lines, heater lines, and segregating routing for easier troubleshooting.

The Cab

The cab is carefully and gently lowered into position onto the chassis with the aid of an overhead crane and fixture. While the current generation Striker offers excellent visibility, the new Striker cab offers 84-square feet (7.8 square meters) of glass and 275 cubic feet (7.8 cubic meters) of interior space.

The Engine

Here’s the powerful 700-hp turbo diesel engine that meets the latest EPA Tier 4i and Euro emissions standards.

The Center Body

Check out this center body sub-assembly module ready to be placed onto the vehicle chassis. The assembly uses high strength glue and hucks instead of welding for strength and efficiency. The enlarged compartments will hold more equipment than the current Striker. Note the hose reel that will carry 100-ft 1″ dual agent hose or 150′ 1.25″ hose.

Putting it all Together

The completed cab and main body modules are in place and the New Striker is really beginning to take shape. The rear body panels are mounted, the water pump has been installed and the next step is to connect the plumbing. On top of the cab is a 1250 gpm roof turret and forward looking infrared camera (FLIR).

The Water Tank

The 3000 gallon water tank is mounted on the truck with the help of a large overhead crane. Once the tank is in place the plumbing is connected.

Prepped for Paint

Each panel of the New Striker is individually hung on specialized racks and prepped for the painting process.

Hand Painted to Perfection

The panels are then hand painted to achieve the perfect finish. Once the painting is complete, the panels are then sent into a large oven to dry and cure the paint.

The Finished Product

Once the panels have cured they are fitted to the truck frame and the final product is complete! The truck is then taken to our Oshkosh Corporation Test and Development Center where it is run through rigorous analysis and safety measure to ensure it meets Oshkosh industry-leading safety and reliability standards.