Continental Fire Company #3

As all Pierce lovers are aware 2013 is a big year, 100 years strong! This is also a big year for the Continental Fire Company and Glick Fire Equipment, our Pierce dealer. This year Pierce is celebrating it’s 100th Anniversary, Glick is celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary and the Continental Fire Compan…

This is a 2013 Pierce Velocity Top Mount PUC. Engine 33 has a DD13 Detroit Deisel 500hp engine, Allison transmission, TAK4 front suspension, a Willburt Night Scan light tower, a Harrison 10K Generator and a 200′ electric cord reel. It has a 1500 gpm PUC pump, carries 1000 gallons of water, and has a 1250 gpm electric pump panel controlled Akron Deckmaster deck gun. This rig carries 3 -200′ 1.75″ preconnects, as well as 1-200′ 2.5″ preconnect and 1-200′ 3″ line for our 500 gpm Blitzfire. Engine 33 also carries 1000′ of 5″ LDH supply line, and has 5″ inlets on all 4 sides of the rig to maximize water supply capability.

This rig was designed to be smaller and much more maneuverable than our current rig, while actually adding additional compartment space in a fire fighter friendly layout.